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Making the first step to independent living and leaving home can be a very stressful, confusing and emotional time. Most young people will be going into the unknown and may not know what is involved.

The law says that you can leave home when you are 16, which may sound simple, but it is totally different in reality. It is always difficult to find a place to live, especially for young people, and there are a lot of things that need to be considered like the costs involved, the responsibilities involved and the reality of living alone.

If you are still serious about leaving home, planning ahead may make the step a little easier.


Are you ready to leave home? Ask yourself these questions;

  • Do you know how to find somewhere to live?
  • Where would you like to live?
  • Would you want to live alone or share?
  • How much rent can you afford?
  • Will you able to do your own washing and ironing?
  • Do you know how to claim benefits if you need help to pay the rent?
  • Do you know what furniture/appliances you will need?
  • Do you know where to get help or support if you need it?

There is a lot to think about, and the best thing to do would be talk to friends or family who have a house of their own and find out what it is really like. Leaving home is a big decision and it is vital that you only do so when you feel ready.


Do you think there will be more good things or bad things about leaving home? Let's have a look!



Freedom, Independence, privacy, more space, no nagging parents, get away from brothers and sisters, decorate your way, have friends round, feel more mature.



Having to pay all bills, cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes, ironing, dusting, polishing, hoovering, tidying garden, washing windows, cleaning the toilet, washing skirting and paintwork, loneliness, can be scary, having to turn other young people away, a lot of responsibility, may get bad neighbours, unfamiliar with area, arrange all services like electricity, gas, telephone, internet, T.V. licence, ensure visitors to your home behave in a reasonable manner, decorating, buying all furniture and household items.




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