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  • Your landlord must give you 24 hours notice before he wishes to enter the property. You have the right to live peacefully without being interrupted by your landlord.
  • It is illegal for a landlord to discriminate against anyone in the letting of a house simply because of race, sex, disability or gender.
  • A landlord has to ensure that the house is wind and water tight.
  • A landlord has to go to court to obtain an eviction order to have you evicted.
  • A landlord must give you the correct 2 months notice in writing if he wishes to move you out.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all bins are taken out for collection unless stated otherwise in your tenancy agreement. You could be evicted if you do not.
  • You are responsible for maintaining your garden. Again, you could be evicted if it is a mess!!!
  • It is your responsibility to avoid having arguments with the neighbours.
  • You are responsible for any visitors to your home.
  • The landlord is responsible for all repairs inside and outside of the house but it is your responsibility to report them.
  • You may not keep pets in your property without permission from your landlord. They will state what kind of animals they allow and you could face eviction if you do not abide by this.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your rent is paid on time. Always ask for and keep a receipt.
  • You cannot move a friend into the property with you without obtaining your landlords permission first.

  • Your landlord cannot ask you to move out so that they can move back until your tenancy agreement has expired.

  • Your tenancy agreement will state how you are allowed to decorate your home. If you want to make changes you must consult with your landlord and obtain permission first. If you don't, it could add costs when you move out as your landlord may request that you put the house back to the way it was when you first moved in.